The new Tym effects series

Introducing the new series of Tym effects that are not only more affordable, but also more readily available AND for the first time in 20 years, you will be able to buy them in selected shops around the world.

The new series is kicking off with four of my personal favourites albeit in ever so slightly modified versions, from my custom hand built units.

This new series are still hand assembled here in Brisbane, Australia using the same PCB's and quality components as my current line except .... I am not doing the assembling and I'm using powder coated Hammond enclosures instead of my custom hand made stainless steel ones.

These features mean I can supply them slightly cheaper and in greater numbers hopefully making supply much better for those of you who have patiently waited by the keyboard to grab one of my pedals.

The Boosterizer is based on my current Big Box Tone Boost and is a transparent two transistor boost with an active low pass/high pass filter so you can fine tune your tone perfectly. The boost is the same "engine" as some of my boosts like the Tatanka and Teenage Fanboost and will drive any valve amp into nice breakup or boost your signal for leads.

The Overdriverer is based on my ODP666 with a couple of small mods to make it more variable for more options. This is a classic simple op amp driven circuit with two silicon diodes for clear, crisp clipping.

The Distorteder is based on my Tymexar and gives a great seventies style distortion with better output volume. This is similar to a few signature distortions I do including the Bob Mould Beauty & Ruin, the Ed Kuepper Club 76 and the Dylan Carlson Engine of Ruin. This version uses silicon diodes for maximum volume and crunch.

The Fuzzerator is based on several of my favourite Big Mud(D)s but is not the same as ANY I currently make with more gain, more mids and more bottom end. For those of you familiar with my Muds (or BM's in general) it's probably best described as a slightly more aggressive Reverse logo crossed with a Red Mud with more mids. It's perfect for guitar or bass.

The first series will be available from December 2017 from our website and a VERY small selection of retailers around the world. We will promote these outlets soon as stock is available.

My custom hand made versions will still be available in limited supply with some versions being discontinued. Some current custom versions will morph into these new series as more are introduced and I will be offering some current, and future signature pedals in this version as well. This will also free me up to work on custom units for people I really want to do work for, which I currently knock back or put on the very long "to do" list.

Series two of these standard series is already being developed and I hope to have them out by April 2018 bringing the total to eight new Tym effects in the next 6 months. I am also working on new types of effects to introduce in this ongoing series. 

The smaller pedals will be $160 and the bigger will be $180 (Aus $'s) or the equivalent in countries where they are available. I will do blogs on each pedal soon and I will have these prototypes in the shop soon for people to try.


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