Teisco TG-64 headstock repair

Everyone knows how much I love these TG-64s in both the solid and "monkey grip" versions. I think this is a GREAT shape and there will be TMI versions coming, one day.

I have a few or these around the workshop (I've sold a bunch in the shop) and this one was in pretty good condition, but, the end of the headstock had broken off, which is common on Teiscos with long, weird headstocks, and someone had painted matt black over the break to make it look a little better ...


I thought if I'm going to send it out into the world I need to at least make it look a bit better as I do love this 4/2 headstock.

I took the neck off and removed the tuners and plate. 


I initially cut and sanded a straight line to give me something to glue a blank piece onto but when I compared it to other TG-64s I have here I realized I would need to remove a little more to get the shape exactly right due to the length.


It made sense just to cut straight along the flat edge of the headstock which also gave me more surface area to glue the blank to.

I have some soft mahogany here that I have been using for 20 years of repairs on these guitars which appears to be VERY similar to the timber used on these Teisco and Guyatone necks from the mid sixties so I cut a piece off ad glued it with polyurethane glue which has excellent grain penetration on soft open timbers like this.


With the blank stuck on tight I set off the shape and sand it to the original shape. Having others to work off is always a great help when doing things like this.

With the shape done I sealed it with some clear acrylic and then a few coats of black gloss and then a coat of clear. Once it had dried properly I sanded and polished it and then slightly aged it so it didn't stick out like a sore thumb. 


Of course none of this is structural and I did it purely for aesthetic reasons because I think these guitars deserve to be fixed. I do like this kind of repair too and one of my all time favourite repairs is still the 1964 Fender Jazz bass that was turned into a "teardrop" bass back in the whenever it seemed like a good idea to cut up a custom colour Fender Jazz bass ....

The rest of the guitar is pretty original and intact so I will give it a full service and make a new vibrato arm for it and it can go to the shop for someone to love.

I've written about these before if you're interested in more details. 


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