1966 Teisco KB2

I've owned a few of these Teisco KB2 basses over the years and written blogs about them previously but I've been going through pics on my computer to look for more info to ad to my Mosrite section and have been coming across lots of guitars I sold through my old shop that I thought might interest you.

This KB2 is very similar to the previous blog but being from slightly later 60's as evident by the plain aluminium scratchplate which although being introduced on some models back in late '64, became more widely used in '66 with most models sporting the stripped aluminium plate by this stage with the KB2 acquiring new look by late '66/early '67.


The 4/2 (or in this case 3/1) hooked headstock was introduced as early as '65 on some models but again was used more widely by late '66 on both guitar and bass models. Previous versions had included a shapeless Fender style 4 a side and the squared off 4 a side, among others.

This bass has the slightly later slider switches with plastic caps as used on many Teisco guitars that didn't utilize rocker switches up until around '69. 


The bodies of these basses were solid timber and were the same body as used on the guitar versions with a swimming pool rout under the metal scratchplate to accommodate both guitars and bass versions in 2,3 and 4 pickup versions. The short 30" scale meant that the simple bridge didn't sit too far back on the smaller body. The original chrome bridge cover is missing from this bass. 

The bolt on necks are thin and easy to play featuring a zero fret and plastic string guide. The string spacing is quite narrow on these bases as the neck pocket, complete with support sides is the same pocket as used on the guitar versions. This bass still has the original round Teisco badge which many are missing. 


The pickups are the great square pole Teisco pickups made in 4 and 6 pole versions for both guitar and bass and are strong and clear. Despite, or maybe because of their simple construction and good output these are some of my favourite Japanese pickups in both guitar and bass versions.

I LOVE this body shape and shows how progressive major Japanese companies were with designs for even their major products. The shape is very comfortable in both seated and standing position and the lovely German carve, which moves in and out of the contouring is really nicely done. This bass has a really nice pearl white finish as well which really sets this shape off nicely.


The K series was introduced at the height of the guitar boom and sold well. The guitars were available in 2, 3 and 4 pickup version designated as K2, K3 and K4 while the bass version had a KB1 and KB2 with the guitar versions being 16.000 JY for the 2 and 19.800 JY for the 4 and the KB2 coming in at 18.000 JY.

These K series, like a lot of vintage Japanese guitars started to be sought out and prices increased making Teisco realize a re-issue should be on the cards in the late 90's/early 2000's (along with some Spectrum series) and the resulting guitars were really nice. 

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