RSD 2019 event

Well, it's that time again. We celebrate Record Store Day a little differently here at Tym guitars. We've never been officially involved but I do believe in any day that supports and acknowledges local independent businesses, especially in music and culture.

So on the 13th April we've got THREE live bands, exclusive vinyl and Tym stuff, new vinyl stock for the day, charity raffles, lollies and lemonade and lots of like minded people all gathered together for the same reason.


Brainbeau - Neon beat/synth weirdnik couple Brainbeau, and their idiosyncratic electronic mash are back, fresh from cooking up all new material, now infused with even more brains. Their vibe is analgesic and antihypertensive with a refreshing aftertaste of next level. Sounding like Detroit vs. Chicago met Warp in a Skwee themed New Wave Kraut bar deep in the subtropical jungle, or something.

Bin Licker - kinda sounds like if you poured a bottle of faygo on a slow bastardised lubricated goat album with some extra drug infused electronics and slowed it down a little bit and chucked in a rap section... 3/4 members of cold fish experimenting with noise rock in a different and great way

Soot - Recently returning from touring Japan,Soot are Riley, Tia and James. Totally fresh and vital punk music, Soot take charge in 2019 with debut album 'Pockmarked With.. Soot!' on Eternal Soundcheck.

We open at 10AM with the first band on about midday. 

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