RAT in a RAT

This was an idea that came to me ages ago when I started hearing about "R_A_Ts" everywhere and kept thinking of RATs.

Being the hermit I am since closing the shop I don't go out very much and as such I haven't needed to be tested. I kept waiting for someone close to me needing one but not only were they (RATs) hard to get, but I didn't know anyone who had needed one. Then someone close to me needed to be tested to go to work so I said "Can I have the packaging when you're done?"

I painted one of my flat stainless steel enclosures white and cut the box to fit the face, glued it on and then clear coated the entire enclosure to protect the original packaging.

The Savage Toecutter is my version of the Pro Co RAT so I built up a PCB and fitted it to this custom enclosure. I realized after assembling it that because of the different enclosure, I had installed the PCB differently and the knobs work backwards, which just seemed to fit in with the way the world is working right now so I left it.

Being that it's a hand painted custom pedal I figured I'd make it one of my "Custom series" and gave it a serial and date plate and signed and dated it like my other custom series pedals.

This will be for sale on the site this afternoon.

Be safe. Be sensible. Support each other.


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