Pickup rewinds

I'm getting more and more requests for rewinding pickups and while I do make and rewind pickups, I don't really consider myself a service for rewinding common pickups.

Let me explain.

I built and set up my winder originally to make pickups for my Wosrite guitars as I wanted accurate Mosrite style pickups which weren't available anywhere back in the early 2000's. After I stopped making guitars for a while around 2010, I packed up my winder as I needed room in my small and cramped workshop.

In about 2017 I started making guitars again and, got the winder back out to make my T-90's, FMF pickups and Mosrite style pickups again. I also offered to rewind stuff that was rare and/or interesting but mainly stuff that you couldn't just go out and buy a replacement for. 

It was mainly vintage stuff that would need modifications to the guitar to fit "modern" common style pickups. I'd much prefer to keep a vintage instrument intact and original than just jam a common modern pickup into it, although the choice for new pickups is getting larger by the day thanks to a lot of the boutique and custom builders around. 

I don't really rewind common Fender and Gibson pickups unless they're vintage or special. Replacements are available for these guitars at REALLY reasonable prices so it's not worth (for me) taking up valuable time to rewind these. I do rewind vintage Fender and Gibson pickups if it's keeping an old instrument intact. 

I do make the odd custom pickup for people as well but time restraints limit this to wat I can achieve at the time. My blog is full of rewinds and repairs if you're interested. 

Otherwise, I'm more than happy to take a look at anything weird and wonderful that might need repairing, especially vintage Japanese, Italian, British, US stuff. If in doubt, send me an email with some pics and I'll let you know if I can do it, or I may be able to recommend someone who can help. 

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