New Tym pedal for a friend

I just made this for my friend Matty from Grinding Eyes.

He had his Big Mud (D) stolen from the band room back stage at a show in Sydney a couple of weeks ago which is doubly sad as it means it was almost definitely someone in a band that stole it ... Matty has worked in music, both in bands and behind the scenes forever. He tour manages a lot of friends of mine in bands like Swervedriver, Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr and helps run a music school for kids in Sydney with his partner.

One of my biggest disappointments is bands stealing from bands. Just don't do it.
If whoever took it needed one of my pedals that badly they could have contacted me and done some charity work in exchange for one of my pedals, or done some artwork, or just put forward a convincing case as to why they needed one.
My stance on endorsements is well known, but so is my stance on helping bands that need it.

C'mon guys. Treat each other with a bit of respect.

Anyway. This is a Rams Head Big Mud and an Op Amp Mini Mud in one pedal with one of a kind artwork of a bunch of my stickers over the enclosure and then clear coated to protect it. Its not pretty, but there's only one of them so if it turns up anywhere that's not on Matty's pedalboard, you'll know its not where its supposed to be.

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