New Tym 2FA pedals

I know. Some of you are saying, "haven't we been here before?" 

Well, kinda

Back in about 2015 I made a series of "double pedals" using 2 of my favourite 2 knob circuits in one box. It was in fact, almost the same box but in landscape format. This is my standard flat top medium size stainless steel enclosure that I've used for many signature pedals over the years. 

The thing was, this older series of double pedals were very time consuming to make. I had kept the outside 2 knobs in the same place and just staggered the inside 2 off a little giving me 4 knobs instead of 3 with angled PCBs inside, which caused problems with the power socket and jacks. The first one, and most popular one was my Tymexar and ODP666 in one box. After a few runs of each type I figured they were taking too long for what I was charging and stopped making them, although people kept asking for them.


Fast forward to late 2019 and I was working on a new version of the Big Bottom using my flat top box in portrait mode instead of landscape and ...... it hit me. Maybe I could lay out those double pedals better in this configuration?

With all my 2 knob circuits having exactly the same distance between knobs and most PCBs being similar in size I set about laying out the insides to see if I could fit everything in and make sense. 

After shifting things around a little I could fit any 2 of my standard 2 knob circuits in without having to mod the PCB or involve too much hand wiring and because it was the same base as my standard flat top enclosure, and subsequently the new Big Bottom box I just had to get a different top cut and folded so I drew up the new top and sent it off to be cut.

I sent the box design to Tone for him to think about artwork and said I'd start with a DIST/OD and a BOOST/OD as I was always building variants of these and they were the most common from the first series. 

The boxes came back and Tone sent this artwork over and then .... Covid hit and everything ground to a halt. I got the plates printed with a run of other pedals I had started for Covid (Sanitizers and Murder Hornets) and just put them, and the boxes aside while I came to terms with a new world. 

A year later I was searching through boxes to find another pedal plate I thought I'd got printed and came across these. Maybe it's time to finally get this series going again? 

I love Tones artwork for these but, I love all of his artwork really. The colour layout works so well for the flow of the effect and makes it clear which switch does what circuit/knobs all while looking very "Tym" I tried a few different black knobs but it really worked with different colour knobs for each "effect" in keeping with the artwork. 

The OD circuit in these is based on my ODP666 circuit and the DIST is based on my Tymexar. The BOOST is my Tone Boost which is a simple 1 transistor boost with a filter attached. This layout with 2 stomp switches allows to run either effect alone, or stack them together.

So once I've got this batch out and get more plates printed I'll do a version with a fuzz somewhere as well. FUZZ/OD or FUZZ/BOOST? Then there's mixing and matching the order of the effects. And maybe a tremolo? And maybe ......


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