Honey SE-29VD 1967/68

I've written about Honey quite a few times before but not about this particular model so I won't go too much into the history as you can read about it elsewhere on my blog if you're interested.

The Honey brand, along with Firstman, Idol and a couple of other short lived brands in Japan in the late 60's after the Kawai takeover of Teisco in '67 manufactured guitars (and effects and amps, PAs etc) through the Teisco-Gen-Gakki factory before it closed in 1969.


Honey was a well known and innovative brand in the late 60's Japanese domestic market and was of course responsible for introducing the GREAT fuzz that would become known around the world as the Superfuzz.

As far as guitars and basses went they mostly followed a tried and true market with many models being the same (or almost the same) as some offered by Firstman and Idol. However, Honey did offer some great Vox, Rickenbacker and Gretsch inspired guitars along with original bizarre guitars like the Jet "68" and the absolutely wonderful Honey Happening (I am going to make a TMI version one day). 

However the more traditional hollowbody like this SE series was essentially like many other 335/Harmony style double cutaway hollowbodies being offered under many brand names at the time by several factories. 


Teisco-Gen-Gakki were making great hollowbody guitars and basses for many price points and the SE-29VD was available with vibrato (here) for 31.500 JY or without as the SE-29 for 29.000 JY. 

Honey is much less known outside Japan as they not only were manufactured and marketed purely for the domestic market, but they also only lasted from '67 to early '69. Of course some of the electronics products were taken over and sold under different brands but with the closure of the Teisco-Gen-Gakki factory, guitars marketed under the name all but disappeared. 

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