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Back in the mid eighties (yeah, I know) we would wait with baited breath for the Bones Brigade video to arrive from the US (on the wrong format) and I'd go to a friends place to watch them in awe of the stuff these guys were doing. The Bones Brigade Video, Future Primitive and I think the last one we got was Animal Chin were all life affirming movies that showed I would NEVER be a pro (or even semi pro) skater. But..... the music on these videos was good, so good it got me into more music that I grew to love, through skateboarding.
I drove to Newcastle (from Brisbane) in 1988 (?) with a friend to see the Bones Brigade skate a massive half pipe down there on the beach. It was pretty much the end of my skating life. I stopped skating in the around 1990 due to an injury and never really looked back. Until now.
Personally I've always linked skateboarding and music because of this period but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that the two (for me) started to collide again as I started working with bands like Earthless, The Shrine, Dirty Fences, Hot Lunch and many more. This "scene" has bought skateboarding and music back together for me in a very enjoyable, and nostalgic way. 
With all this happening around me with what I do with my label and shop I was fortunate enough to start talking to pro skaters and people in the industry which led to Tym guitars being the exclusive dealer for 1939 Skate from US/Europe. This has led to my shop now moving into skateboarding and enjoying it immensely. I've started skating again with my kids (yeah, that's why I smell like Deep Heat) and enjoying it again.
So, with the way I do things here at Tym guitars it made sense to ............ well, start a skate section of Tym that will be releasing band decks and custom Tym decks and merch for old farts like me to reminisce about and younger folks to, hopefully ride.
The first decks will be available Nov/Dec 2013 with Tym branded "shop decks" and a VERY special official band deck from one of Australia's most respected, and one of my favorite bands.
Stay tuned for more soon.
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