Tym Toecutter Big Bottom pedal

Well, here's another crazy idea from the Tym guitars effects camp. This idea came about because a few years ago we built a Big Bottom V1 board into Tony from GuitarNerd's old Pro Co RAT pedal. The idea was that instead of running the RAT in the loop of the Big Bottom pedal externally, the RAT would be in the loop, in the pedal. This worked well but was a nigthmare to make as the BB board only JUST fitted with a lot of shoehorning into the vintage big box style RAT.

So, with the new Big Bottom V2 up and running I thought it was time to re-visit this idea. As the new version now has a bypass switch and volumes on both effects loop and bottom end and I also make a RAT clone in the form of the Toecutter it seemed like it was time to make a more reliable version for Tone.

So, here's the prototype. It's in my bigger stainless steel enclosure I used for the Superfuzz BigMud and TremFuzz and runs on one 9V DC input. The bass signal comes in and goes straight to the Big Bottom where the effects is set up as per normal with the bottomend separated off and the mids and tops sent through the loop but instead of the effects loop going out, the output of the loop (the send) goes to the input of the Toecutter, via a switch to bypass the distortion. The signal is then sent from the Toecutter to and effects loop and then back into the Big Bottom(the return) Sound complicated ?It's not.

This allows you to keep your bottom end clean using the Big Bottom circuit but also adding in the Toecutter within the same circuit. The effects loop after the distortion means you can also run other pedals IN the Big Bottom loop after the distortion.

This pedal can,and will be of course made with other pedals in the BBV2 loop like a Tym Big Mud or Tym Bass Face. I have already had lots of enquiries about fitting the Tym Red Mud into this pedal which WILL be done. It will be the ultimate stoner bass players pedal giving the Russian style sustainer with the Big Bottom which is already a common set up with bass players.
I will also be adding a boost to this set up as well just to give a little more diversity and more gain, 'cause you ALWAYS need more gain. Other options will of course be available since all these pedals are all hand made by me here at the workshop.
These will be available soon in most options of Tym pedals. Contact us for these or any other pedal in the Tym range. Thanks for supporting Tym guitars.


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