New Tym Boost


The Booost is a point to point single transistor type boost pedal based on those now famous and very collectable  early treble boost circuits made on both sides of the Atlantic back in the 60's. This pedal has a toggle switch for treble boost or linear boost and will drive any nice valve amp into creamy (or trebly) overdrive. It also has just one knob, VOLUME and a true bypass stomp switch. Simple yet highly effective and used by most of the 60's British and US bands to liven up their amps before fuzz came along. Still very usable today.

These are all hand wired by me here in Brisbane in my exclusive stainless steel enclosures and like all my pedals,use switchcraft jacks and standard "Boss" style 9V adaptor plug.  It is optional with a eyes of the skull as 2 red LED's to indicate the effect is on.

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