Tym Big Mud........ Bigger Bottom.


This is a pedal that's been kicking around in the back of my head for some time. I made a Toecutter (RAT) version a while back that will also go into limited production when I get time.

This one is my Ramhead Big Mud "inside" one of my Big Bottom bass splitter pedals. It was custom made for my friend Dave from the great band Witch.

Like most of my pedals I make here it starts off as one of my handmade stainless steel enclosures like all my pedals except for the Tym Tone Boost.

These are all hand made here in Brisbane and while being more expensive and more time consuming to make, they give my pedals a more unique look and they're great enclosures for making custom pedals in.

This is one of my "double" enclosures I used for my limited edition SuperFuzz BigMud pedals. It is the same size as a US EH BM but sideways.


The PCB's weren't designed for this enclosure so it was a little .......... messy putting it together with a bit more hand wiring but it came together well.


The artwork wasn't custom designed from scratch as my friend Tone who does all my artwork was a little busy so I just added the two pedals together to get the ball rolling. The "production" one may have different artwork that is better designed NOT by me .......


So, what does it do ? The Big Bottom is used to split the signal coming from your bass guitar and send the mid to high frequencies through an effects loop to any guitar effects pedals, while keeping your bass frequencies clean.

This eliminates the loss of bottom end that bass players would normally experience when using guitar effects pedals. You get a clean BIG BOTTOM and an effected main signal.

Because Dave wanted to use a Ramhead era Mvff with the Big Bottom for Witch I decided to make it in one pedal so you don't need to run the fuzz in the loop. In this pedal the fuzz IS in the loop inside the pedal.

Because the BB has a volume for the loop and a volume for the bottom end you can run the Big Mud as hard as you want and then just dial in the amount of fuzz you want in the mix while keeping your big bottom end the whole time.

I have also added an effects loop post Big Mud so you can run other effects through then loop as well, just to give you more options. The Big Mud doesn't have to be used when using this loop as it's true bypass so other pedals can be used individually or with the Big Mud.

When not using this loop option you just run a patch lead from send the return.


The whole pedal runs on a standard 9V Boss style adaptor that powers both effects. I am thinking of having a parallel power "out" adaptor on the "production" one so you can run your other effects in the loop OFF this pedal making for a cleaner pedal board.

If anyone's interested in one of these they can contact me and depending on interest they may go into production.

Just to show you my blood goes into these pedals .............. :)

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