Steph Popoff. 11/10/68 - 5/8/13

Today I said goodbye to one of the greatest guys in R'n'R and most of you wouldn't know, or have even heard of him. He was one of those guys who worked behind the scenes, making things happen, and he made things happen. He was a perfectionist who's work was always perfect. He loved music, coffee, food, coffee, music, his kids and his motorbike.... and coffee.
I'd known him for about 25 years and have never heard a bad word spoken about him and never heard him say a bad word about anyone else. His smile was infectious. He will be greatly missed in the Brisbane music scene and his death will be felt around the world.
It's this type of thing that makes me believe even more that Tym guitars is more than a business, more than a shop and reinforces my belief it's not about money, fame, possessions or any of that shit. It's about doing and giving, and being nice to each other, and helping support things you believe in so other people can see it's worth and become involved for the right reasons.
He was ALWAYS there to help when someone needed it, and never expected anything in return. The music industry is full of these people, but they don't get talked about or have lists done up about them, and they'd feel uncomfortable if they did 'cause it's not why they do it. They believe in the entity that IS music, not all the bullshit that goes along with it.
He had his demons and his issues but his quiet, calm demeanor would never have given it away. His life should be celebrated for what it was to us that knew him. A kind, caring, dedicated, intelligent, funny, passionate person who loved what he did and who he did it with.

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