Tym FuzzWah

Remember the "good ol' days" when all your favorite pedal makers made your favorite fuzzes with a wah. Ibanez did them, Shen-ei did them, Univox did them, Fender did them ............. and now Tym guitars is doing them.


This is the prototype of the new Tym FuzzWah that will be available next year. I have spent ages trying to find a reliable source of good quality metal enclosures that don't cost the earth, and now I have.

I have a friend in Melbourne who's been asking me to make him one of these for YEARS. Then I met up with a guy from the UK  (I haven't forgotten you) who wanted to work on some ideas with other pedals in wah enclosures so he can manipulate certain effects while playing live, so it was time to start seriously looking into the idea.

Once I tracked down the metal enclosures for the right price it was simple. I'll make one of my fuzzes I already make IN the wah enclosure with a wah ? Simple right ?

My friend in Melbourne had asked several times about a function he really wanted in a fuzz wah but he'd never seen before and to me it seemed quite logical to have.

He wanted a switch to run the wah before the fuzz or the fuzz before the wah because they react very differently depending on weather you're "wahing the fuzz" or "fuzzing the wah".




Since I was making the prototype with my friend in mind I thought I'd start with a pedal I make which is actually a copy of HIS pedal.


This is a Civil War Big Mud built into the enclosure with a switch to choose which effect you want first. The three knobs are the standard controls on a Big Mud and the LED for the fuzz is located at the back side near the foot switch.

So with this pedal you can have ........ a wah, a fuzz, a wah fuzz or a fuzz wah, all in one metal box.


Not really being a wah player (lack of co-ordination and my dislike of any overused wah) I didn't really know what to expect but the difference is staggering. I can't believe it's the same fuzz. I understand what's happening (freq limiting in the wah effects the fuzz etc) but I didn't expect such a difference, which was nice.It made it all a very worthwhile function.

The adjustable allen bolt allows you to dial in where you want the fuzz to engage. If you want it slightly higher up the freq you can set it so you don't have to go all the way back to engage it, if you want full travel on the wah you can adjust it so you need to stamp hard on the rocker to engage the fuzz.


So, these should be available next year and can basically be ordered with any of my pedals built in with a wah OR any of my pedals built in and one of the knobs on that pedal adjusted by the rocker. For instance a Big Mud with the volume or gain control on the rocker so you can bring in swells or the Human Fly with adjustable Goo Goo Much knob ?

OK, back to work .........


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