Big Bottom version 2


The Tym guitars Big Bottom V2 has been designed to give bass players more options for effects pedals and sounds over the original Tym guitars Big Bottom.
The idea behind this great pedal is to split the signal coming from your bass guitar and send the mid to high frequencies through an effects loop to any guitar effects pedals, while keeping your bass frequencies clean. This eliminates the loss of bottom end that bass players would normally experience when using guitar effects pedals. You get a clean BIG BOTTOM and an effected main signal.
Designed in conjunction with and used by the late Dean Turner of Australian band Magic Dirt and completely handmade on site at Tym guitars, this pedal is unique and a must have for bass players who use effects of any kind.

Operation is simple.

The bass guitar is plugged into the INSTRUMENT jack.
From the EFFECTS OUT jack connect a patch lead to the input of your effects pedals.
From the output of your effects pedals connect a patch lead to the EFFECTS IN jack of the Big Bottom.
The AMPLIFIER jack is sent to your amp.
EFFECTS LEVEL adjusts the amount of signal flowing through the effects loop so can be used to “blend” the amount of effects in the overall signal.
VOLUME adjusts the amount of clean signal in the bottom end.
The effect has unity volume at around 7 on BOTH volumes so pedals in the loop can be cut or increased to above unity volume and bass frequencies can be boosted or cut from the clean signal.
The STOMP SWITCH is true bypass for the pedal.
The unit is powered by any regulated 9 – 24 volt DC centre negative external power supply. The higher voltage will yield more headroom.


These are all hand made by me here in Brisbane and proceeds from the sale of this pedal goes to Dean Turners family. I’m very happy with this pedal. I think Dean would have loved this version. There are some purple versions available now in VERY limited numbers (this is actually the last one) along with the standard red versions. Get in quick.


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