1965 Fender Jaguar

This is one of my favorite Fenders I own. I don't actually own a lot of original vintage Fenders as most of them don't really appeal to me but this one ............. well, just look at it.

I bought this years ago before these things were worth a fortune and then worth much less. I'd always wanted the "transition" model with binding and dots, not that I'm a big fan of binding but the Jag is kinda special in the Fender world.

It's got more chrome and switches than most so the binding just seemed to sort of finish it off. I'm not a fan of block inlays, especially on Fenders so this short lived model was perfect.

I also love Jags in white which again is odd as I don't like a lot of other Fenders in white but then again, you couldn't really call this white anymore. The finish has really gone off on this one. It's been VERY well played and all the wear and "mojo" is real.

It's a fairly light alder body and the neck is well worn and not too think, which I also like a lot.


For years I preferred Jags but over the last few years I've got into Jazzmasters much more.I always liked the short scale and "twanginess" of the Jag for what I was playing but as I started to use more pedals (and more gain) the Jazzmasters "clarity" just cut through much better. If I was playing cleaner, I'd probably switch back to the Jag but they get .......... messy with too much gain.


From memory the neck date is Sep65 and it's ALL original right down to electronics and screws which is one of the other reasons I've kept it over some other Jags that have come through. I like the idea of keeping something like this complete and intact and hopefully giving it to my kids one day.

Like most of my personal guitars this is available to hire from our big list of gear.

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