1978 Fender Telecaster bass

This post is more of a picture fest than a story. This bass was dropped off by someone wanting to sell it through my shop. I don't see a lot of these come through and this one was pretty cool so I thought I'd take some pics and share them. This bass is VERY heavy but plays great and sounds killer. Rumor has it too that it was once owned by Duff McKagan but the owner has no proof but he certainly had the opportunity and no reason to doubt the owner he bought it off. Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Here's some literature from Fender about this particular model Tele bass.

"The original Telecaster Bass model lasted until 1972, at which point substantial modifications were introduced. These resulted in what was essentially a new version of the instrument.
Differences in the new Telecaster Bass model of 1972 were readily apparent. Chief among them was the replacement of the small single-coil pickup with a large and powerful humbucking pickup.
Staunchly single-coil Fender got serious about humbucking pickups in the late 1960s, hiring the inventor of the design, Seth Lover, away from Gibson in 1967. Lover designed new humbucking pickups for Fender that were introduced on the Telecaster Thinline (1971 version), Telecaster Custom (1972) and Telecaster Deluxe (1973) guitars.
The modified 1972 Telecaster Bass also benefitted from Lover’s efforts, with a look and sound substantially altered by the change in pickup type. Other changes included eliminating the chrome control plate in favor of a larger pickguard that extended down over the lower bout, a three-bolt neck plate with tilt adjustment, a bullet truss rod with headstock-end adjustment and a different headstock decal, changed from silver to gold with black outlining."


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