Tym Bass Face


This is another old school fuzz designed especially for you bass players. This is a “messy” bass fuzz for fat stoner rock and psychedelic.

The circuit is based on the classic 2 transistor Shen-ei or Univox fuzz (Fuzzilla) using old stock C945 transistors.

This is a GREAT fuzz for both guitar and bass in it’s standard late 60′s form but I’ve added more output gain and bass response to cut the bass through even more. The gain goes from lots of gain to even more gain. There's no subtlety here.

The tone control takes some tops out to give an even fatter, muddier sludge bass tone. If you want a nice bass overdrive, this ain’t your pedal.

This pedal can still be used as a guitar fuzz and has plenty of bottom end but still with that nasty sixties fuzz top end. It's such a great little circuit.

Different versions of this circuit  have been used by bass players in JAMC and Cosmic Psychos, and lots of others.

It's in one of my custom made stainless steel enclosures with standard BOSS style 9V adaptor.

See the Fuzzilla guitar version HERE.


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