Tym Duo Fuzzilla

Here's another one of my 15th anniversary pedals available throughout 2012. This came about after doing a bit of "nerding out" one night on the net about my favorite Shen-ei fuzz series, of which my Fuzzilla series is based on.


I came across a site run by an friend of mine in the UK called Joe's Pedals with a story on the Shaftesbury Duo Fuzz, which is a UK version of the Shen-ei fuzz distributed by Rose Morris. While the pedal enclosure itself is the same as the standard Shen-ei/Univox pedals sold in other countries, the box was SO COOL I had to use it.

I emailed Tone the pics and said "This has to be done as a pedal" .......... He got so excited he pretty much emailed me a mock up before I could blink. It looked so cool as a pedal, and since I already make the Shen-ei as my Fuzzilla, it was a no brainer.



The artwork was done and I got the plates printed. When I opened the package from the printer they just jumped out at me.

This Duo Fuzzilla is my usual two silicon transistor "Shen-ei" circuit with a slightly modified "Mothra and Gamera" setting for the Uno/Duo switch. This takes the fuzz from a full, bottom end monster to a slightly clearer and treblier style of fuzz with less low end mud.

The tone control works on both settings and rolls all the nastiness off to a low end rumble on full.


The only other difference between these and my standard Fuzzilla is the artwork which is only available on these limited edition 15th anniversary model.

It will be available soon from my pedal page in my usual limited supply due to my limited time to hand make these pedals.

The Shen-ei is such a great little fuzz circuit. Although not the first Japanese fuzz made, it is certainly the first exported to the rest of the world and was sold under many different names and types over about a ten year period from the late sixties to the late seventies.

Even though it's still a two transistor fuzz circuit the early Japanese circuits were always more complex than their British and US counterparts for equivalent gain stages. These simpler two stage fuzzes quickly gave way to fuzzes like the Bee Baa and the six transistor Shen-ei (Univox Superfuzz) and the rest, as they say, is history.


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