Squier P Bass

This came in looking for some basic TLC and a good set up. These Indonesian Squiers are generally pretty good and can be great value for money, especially second hand where people don't tend to appreciate that they actually have some decent quality guitars.

The frets were very corroded and the strings had been on there for sometime. So I needed to get those old strings off and clean and polish that fretbaord up. It was very dry and needed some moisturizing with oils.

Once the board was clean and oiled and the frets were checked for height and polished it was a pretty simple job from here.

I don't recommend wrapping your strings on like these were where the strings was laid in the slot and wound once around the post. One these tuners it's best to poke the string down the hole in the centre of the post and then start wrapping, preferably winding all the way to the bottom.

The nut needed a little work and the truss rod needed adjusting to take some relief out,although the neck itself was very straight with no twists or bumps which is always a good sign.

I let the truss rod settle in and set the intonation. These have fully adjustable bridges so action and intonation are usually a pretty quick job if the bass (or guitar) is decently made and everything's in the right place.

All in all this played pretty well and sounded nice for a bass in it's price range. Back home to get some playing.



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