Tym mini pedals part 3

So with the Fuzzilla and the Mini Mudds under way I decided to do a few others to introduce the mini series to the world. 

As my ODP666 (DOD250) is one of my favorites and uses a fairly small PCB with two knobs it was next. I've written blogs about this one so I won't go into it here. It suited the small enclosure really well.



The Human Fly was next. It was very similar to the Fuzzilla in that it was a hotroded 60's fuzz, namely the Mosrite Fuzzrite. It is based on the original circuit with HEAPS more gain and, in it's last form, a master volume to help tame it. I simplified the circuit while keeping the tone intact and wound the gain back slightly. This means I could get rid of the master volume and back to two knobs. 




The Tone Boost was already a two knob pedal and seemed to make sense a mini version. It doesn't have the "freq" switch so this one is set to linear (full freq) boost but is still VERY controllable with the tone control (low pass/high pass filter). Again, like the others it still uses the "heart" of it's bigger brother, just without some of the options.


The Batmobile graphic comes from the original Boost I did years ago, and the fact that Tone's OBSESSED with Batman and Superman.



I also decided to do my This Machine Kills Fascists pedals in this form as they're a simple two knob pedal based on the Buzzrite and the Distortionator, which will also be a "mini" pedal down the track. I'm pretty proud of this little pedal as it's done a lot of good for music, and less fortunate people around the world.

The Buzzrite is exactly the same as my usual version as well. Nothing needed to change there as it's such a great little pedal in standard form and it was my first real "homage" so it was always simple.



So, the hope with these is I can keep them more "in stock" as they're slightly easier to make and I can make some of them in "spare time" between other jobs. They all use EXACTLY the same components, parts and hardware as my usual pedals. They're still ALL hand made here by me using custom made stainless steel enclosures and my aluminium printed faceplates designed by Tone from Guitarnerd. There will be more versions in this series as time goes on as they're fun to build ......... and look SO CUTE !!!!



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