Tym mini pedals part 1

So when I decided I was going to work on some new pedals with a smaller footprint I decided to work on a couple of my "smaller" PCB models that I currently have and "cut down" some of the options like tone controls or switches, second stompswitches and extra gain stages. I tend to make stuff that is "fairly" standard and then "hot rod" or mod things to suit how I like them. The Fuzzilla is one example where I LOVE the original Shen-ei/Univox version, but when I mucked around I found that I liked a tone control and more gain. 

When I was thinking of pedals to make smaller versions of, the Fuzzilla jumped into my head as I do love the original late sixties FZ2 in it's original form, even though it does drop slightly in volume depending on what guitar/pick ups and amp you use. The original TONE is so good. Very much like the solos on the first Stooges album. That part where the solo drops in on "I Wanna Be Your Dog" ALWAYS makes me smile and I'm a huge fan of this original circuit.



The Fuzzilla was the perfect starting point. I came up with an enclosure size that worked with all my smaller boards. Since I make all my enclosures especially for my pedals there wasn't really a standard size I had to work to. I did however want to make them still look like my pedals, which I'm proud of don't look like anyone elses.  

I ended up with the same depth and height as my "landscape" style box but 2/3rds the width, making it square. I stuck with the sloped top as I like the look of them and it means they would fit in well with my other pedals on a pedal board. 

I contacted Tony from Guitarnerd who does all my pedal artwork and told him I was thinking of doing this and he loved the idea. 

So I looked at all the pedals I do that might work in this format.


The Mini Fuzzilla is an exact clone of the original Shen-ei/Univox FZ2 from the late 60's. It's a great little circuit and originally came in a small metal wedge shaped box with a stompswitch on top and the knobs on the end. Both input and output jacks were on one side, which is a bit difficult to use on a board. The original ran only on batteries and wasn't true bypass like mine. Mine also has an LED. I use old stock C945 transistors like my original has to get that great fuzz tone. 



Tone sent back a whole bunch of artwork from the list of pedals I sent him and they looked awesome, so ........... it was time to make some mini pedals.


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