The REVENGE of the Human Fly


Well, the Human Fly is one of my oldest pedals in this style of enclosure. It was one of the first with the new artwork plates in the hand folded stainless steel enclosures and it's been one of my most popular pedals. It's the only one of my pedals so far that I've "re-issued" once I stopped making them.

It all started when Lux Interior of the Cramps died.  Being a huge fan I thought he needed something named after him to keep the idea of the Cramps alive. A dirty, nasty, spitty fuzz seemed to fit the bill and the Human Fly was born. It was going to be a small run just to say thanks to Lux but after the initial ten were finished I had people after them.

A couple of people who owned the original batch mentioned that it REALLY took your head off if you were playing a Tele or similar guitar especially through something like a Twin so I made the "return" of the Human Fly with a tone switch to take that shrill top end out if needed.


These have sold consistently and I have had a few ........... enquiries about how F@&KING LOUD it is. I do warn people on the site that this pedal has "more, and more gain" but I don't think people realized just how much it has. So, because I listen to my customers and try and adapt to make better gear, here we are at the next generation of the Human Fly.



The REVENGE of the Human Fly is the same pedal as the Return but with a master volume so you can get your insane fuzz sound and then set the volume to the level you want. Tome this takes a bit of the fun out of it so I will still be offering the return if anyone wants one. If no-one does I'll drop it from the line and just make the Revenge.

The old volume knob has been replaced by the "KIZMIAZ" knob and the master volume added at the end of the chain to literally just wind back the madness. It still has the tone switch now located on the back of the enclosure where the jacks are.

Like the actual human fly it just keeps on evolving ............

The return of the Human Fly is available HERE and the Revenge is available HERE. Anyone who has a Return (or even an original) and ants this master volume mod done, send the pedal back to me and I'll fit a volume pot somewhere on your existing pedal for the price of sipping.

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