Pick up for a nylon string acoustic

This was for one of my customers who wanted a cheap "gigging" guitar he could use but not have to worry about too much. He had some shows coming up that needed a nylon string acoustic but may not need the guitar after these series of shows, so didn't want to spend a lot of money.

I got in this brand new nylon for him and a cheap piezo under saddle pick up and preamp to fit to it.

He wasn't too concerned with quality and when I told him I need to cut a hole and fit the system properly he said "can't you just gaff it all to the guitar ?"

Once you've marked out the hole to the correct size it's not hard to cut these laminated bodies. Just measure and mark right the first time, as once you've cut a big hole in the side of a guitar, there's a lot of work to fix it. Oh, and make sure you get the right side if the player is right or left handed .......... I've seen it done.

The piezo just needs a small hole under the saddle to run the wire down through and some saddle height adjustment and we're away.

All in all this turned out pretty nice after a set up. These cheap preamp/EQ's can actually sound quite good now days and this whole set up was under $250 including labour which is great value if you just need a "player".

Gaff it to the guitar indeed ..........

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