This Machine Kills Fascist pedal

This little gem came into my workshop a few weeks ago from a customer up in north Queensland. He'd emailed and said it had stopped working and it might be corrosion as a lot of his pedals (and gear) is effected by the humidity up there.

After seeing the early serial number (D007) I opened this one up and saw my original laser printed sticker inside with a date stamp reading June, 2005. I actually love seeing old stuff I made again. I don't really know why ?

After testing this one it was pretty obvious the issue was a broken 9V adaptor plug so this was an easy fix indeed. These were all hand etched circuit boards with hand wired jacks, pots and switch. These were pretty primitive back then and were always, and still are, made purely to raise money for charity.

The labels on these "version 2" TMKF pedals was simply paper printed on my laser printer and stuck to the aluminium box with clear lacquer and then covered with another coat. It's actually held up surprisingly well considering it's cheap and simple method.

Electronically these are an early silicon diode MXR Distortion +. As most of you know I've always loved this circuit and made one of my first pedals ever based on this circuit and still make it today in my current version of this pedal.

So with the new power adaptor in it was time to plug it in and test it, and remind me why I really do love this circuit so much. What a great little distortion circuit it is.


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