Ramhead with Tone Boost

Here's a second Mud I've made to try and convince Isaiah from Earthless that there ain't nuttin better than a good BM. Since we'd been discussing Gilmour I figured it either a Civil War or my personal favorite, the Ram Head as these are the main two he's famous for using over the years.


I finished the moded Civil War a few weeks ago and held off on the Ram Head until I had a little spare time and was building some other similar Muds.

I was doing a run of Super Muds and decided to get the other pedal done if I had time after them on a Friday afternoon.

Because Gilmour runs his Mvff with a boost after it I realized I'd actually made this pedal before, kind of, AND I was going to reissue it anyway. The pedal that started all this for me, in these new handmade stainless steel enclosures was a pedal I made called a Screaming Mvff, which was an old BM circuit with a Screaming Tree after it. I only ever intended to make ten of them but I got asked to stop just as they'd been finished due to my use of the word "Mvff"

The Screaming "MUD" is actually the first of my pedals I'm going to "reissue" in a way. As only ten of them were made and I've had people ask where they can get one I'd decided a few months ago to make them again in a slightly different version, both electronically and aesthetically.

Tone's redone the artwork to suit my "sideways" style enclosure and the new version will have the choice of a Screaming Tree (treble boost) or LPB style (linear boost) as well as a separate tone control for the boost side. The Mud and Boost can be run independently or together with the boost after the Mud.

One of the great features of this set up is that you can run the Big Mud lower in volume, which has tighter bottom end, but still run it loud by using the clean boost as a volume. This sustain circuit introduces more bottom end as the volume pot is opened out wide and if you dial this out with tone control, you can loose the tone you're after.


The new Screaming Mud will be available soon along with some other new and anniversary models. Stay tuned.

So this is essentially the prototype of the new Screaming Mud with a standard Big Mud face plate. I used this plate, even though this is a Ram Head inside as it was the least intrusive on the artwork, because we all know that Tone gets cranky when I mess with his artwork and drill holes in the wrong spots and the writing doesn't line up.

The stomp switch on the right is for the Mud and the one on the left is the Boost. The boost has a volume control next to (and slightly above) the Mud volume and  tone control in the same position next to the Mud tone. This one has the Mid switch from the Super Mud but the "production" one will have the treble/linear switch as, to me this is a much more usable tone feature. The new version will be available soon in several different Mud versions. Until then, Isaiah's going to be the only one of us that can enjoy this version.


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