New Tym "Big Box" Tone Boost


Guitarists are a funny lot ......... I originally designed and made the Tym Tone Boost to be as compact as I could while still being practical so it would take up less room on your board and would fit in a guitar hardcase so you could tour with it to improve the tone of any hire amp you may be at the mercy of.

It's one of my best selling pedals and became the basis for the Brett Netson Tatanka but I had guitarists say "It's too small, I keep stepping on ALL of it .......... admittedly, I was really drunk and had boots on" etc etc, SO................


I'm now offering the Tone Boost in one of my stainless steel enclosures like I use for the Fuzz Munchkin and the Tatanka. This is the same pedal, just in a BIGGER box for you uncoordinated guitarists.

Same price, same tone (boost), just a bigger box. Never let it be said that I don't listen to my customers !!!



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