The Tym Fuzzilla 666.




This is the Tym clone of the legendary, awesome, fantastic 6 transistor Shen-ei/Univox SuperFuzz.

The Univox SuperFuzz in this form is a fuzzbox produced by the Shen-ei company in Japan in the early 70's and sold in the US under the Univox brand name, primarily for use with the electric guitar or bass. SuperFuzz pedals have become highly sought after, and have developed a fanatical following, exalted by many as the "Holy Grail" of fuzz pedals. The Tym Fuzzlla 666 is based on the original unique fuzz tone with an octave fuzz using two germanium or silicon diodes to produce the square wave clipping and 6 NOS C945 transistors.

The controls on the Tym 666 are Volume (Balance), Tone (Octave) and Gain (Expander) and the original two position 'tone' switch, which gives a unique feature that engages at around 1khz filter that "scoops" the mids, giving a very fat, almost bassy tone, has been changed to a second stompswitch plus the usual on/off stomp. The other unique feature of this fuzz is that it has full-wave rectification of the circuit that produces a slight upper octave as well as a lower octave. This also gives the sound a lot of compression and gives a mild ring modulator effect.


As used by Pete Townshend of The Who, Poison Ivy of The Cramps, Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins (Although he was much more famous for using the Fender Blender and the Big Muff), Fu Manchu, Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys and many, many more.


Like all my pedals this is all housed in one of my custom handmade stainless steel enclosures with switchcraft jacks and "Boss" style 9V adaptor. There will be a Fuzzilla 666 deluxe in the sideways enclosure that has the BigMuff tone stack added for even more fuzzy pleasure. Stay tuned.


This 666 version is added to the current "little brother" Fuzzilla which is my homage to the GREAT Companion/Shen-ei FY2 using 2 old stock C945 transistors. This pedal was THE original Japanese fuzz pedal also sold as the original Univox SuperFuzz in the US. I have added a toggle switch for "Mothra" or "Gamera" which goes from std FY2 with a slight boost to bring it up to bypass volume (the original dropped in volume like most early fuzzes) to an FY2 with tone control and more boost. Volume and gain are the only other things you'll need.
Both of these circuits are GREAT fuzz circuits with lots of bottom end and fuzzy goodness without the real "crackle" of most 60's fuzzes. There's a good reason they are now both so famous in fuzz collector and "tone knob" circles.

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