Tym effects pedals DO NOT use batteries

I have made the decision after thinking about this for some time that I will NO LONGER offer the option of running my effects pedals on batteries, of any kind.
In Australia we import over 300 million disposable and 50 million rechargeable batteries every year. However, the greatest environmental concern surrounding batteries is the impact they have at the end of their lives. Australia hasn't embraced battery recycling – it is estimated that around 94 per cent of dead batteries end up in landfill - and this is where the most serious problems start.

Batteries are made from a variety of chemicals to power their reactions. Some of these chemicals, such as nickel and cadmium, are extremely toxic and can cause damage to humans and the environment.
Landfill is generally where batteries end up. Regulations governing battery disposal differ in each state and territory in Australia.
In Western Australia, both disposable and rechargeable batteries are classed as
hazardous waste; they are placed in steel drums encased in concrete within secure landfills so that air and water can’t corrode the battery casings. In Queensland, where I live, by comparison, people throw batteries in the bin with impunity.

Because of these reasons I am now not offering the option of running my pedals on batteries until we as a nation can work out a better way of dealing with this problem.
ALL of my pedals will be offered with a good quality switchmode, regulated power supply for a nominal fee of $20 at the time of purchase.


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