Tym Lemon Sournote 120


Back in the late 60's a small amplifier/radio repair company in northern England teamed up with a very savvy businessman from London and created a line of amps that were strikingly appealing and sounded incredible. The sound was due to the amplifier company having been designing, repairing and building amps for almost 20 years at that point and was owned by an incredible electronic engineer. The look was thanks to the young businessman who knew to sell something it had to look "appealing" to the young players of the day.

The Lemon by Tym guitars is an accurate re-creation of that late 60's amp made by this northern UK manufacturer with some modern appointments like a stand by, custom handmade transformers and a master volume thrown in for good measure. Available in 80W or 120W versions it has all the trademark tones of these now very collectable originals and is physically identical to the vintage amps it's paying homage to.

The handmade, hand welded steel chassis holds two handmade transformers with massive amounts of grain orientated steel. These transformers are based on the original transformers but wound for tighter, more focused frequency response to suit the amp design, giving less "flab" once the extremes of tolerances are approached.

The circuit is identical to the late 60's/early 70's version known today as the GT or "Graphic" by collectors, but using modern, high quality components mounted on thick, high quality PCB with chassis mounted power valves, pots and jacks but with the advantage of a master volume. An effects loop like the original is available at a very nominal fee. The amp is designed to run EL34, 6L6, KT77 .......... with just a re-bias.

The faceplate is also in homage to the original amps with the big knobs and handles all there to help give that incredibly striking look. The controls from left to right are inputs, FAC, Hz, KHz, Drive, Volume, Master, stand by and power. The originals didn't have a stand by but we have added this for extended valve and component life.

The sleeve is exactly original size and dimensions (in fact your vintage chassis will bolt straight in) with "picture frame" front and is done in yellow to keep with the theme but, like all our amps is available in any colour currently being offered.

The matching Lemon 4x10 speaker cab is also done in yellow and is available with Jensen Neodymium speakers for that big round bottom end and sparkling highs that these amps are famous for. Other speakers are available on request and any one of our cabs can be custom ordered matching the head.


These amps and cabs are made here in Brisbane by hand for players who want locally made quality gear. We're not trying to re-invent the wheel or claim to be "boutique". We're just making amps, pedals, speaker cabs and guitars they way they used to be made. By hand by people who care and are passionate about what they do. We only use the best quality components available to us and try, wherever possible to use local or Australian manufacturers where quality isn't compromised.

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