Lego Ram Head Mud



This idea has been bouncing around in the back of my head (there's a lot of room there) for some time. I was watching my kids play with Lego one day and thought, that would make a great effects pedal enclosure........... So, I ordered the blocks from Lego (the most expensive enclosure around) and got my nine year old to build the boxes for me.



This is a fully operational and working Tym Big Mud Ram Head. It just looks ......... well, different. The box came together well after working out what parts I needed to order (again, nine year olds know about this) I made the standard PCB and superglued the blocks together. It's amazing how strong these blocks are, especially once glued. I would have no hesitation putting one of these on a pedal board and using it live.

The knobs are Lego wheels (without tyres) and it has an LED and runs on standard BOSS style 9V adaptor.

Technically this could be available in ANY colour Lego makes blocks in.


Anyway, I was looking for something FUN to do with pedals after the last couple of weeks and this really hit the mark. It was fun, it looks cool, it sounds ......... well, I'm biased but I love this version of the Ram Head and it might actually make my kids wanna play guitar !!!



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