The Tym Big Mud pt 8



Well, this ones been a while in the making. I used to talk to a guy in Sydney who had a bunch of really nice vintage gear and played in a Hellacopters style R'n'R band. That's how we got talking as I used to make guitars for Nicke Royale.

Anyway, he mentioned that he had an old BM that he LOVED above all the others and it needed some work. Send it up I said ........

When it turned up I thought it was a joke ? I'd NEVER seen or heard of this model before. It looked ........ weird but kinda cool. I looked online and found scarce mentions of it's existence (this was the late 90's before the net was crazy good for looking this stuff up) but nothing concrete on what it was and why. I traced out the circuit and took a bunch of notes in case I needed to refer to them later. Well, it's later ..........


This was a weird one and even doing research now it doesn't really fit in with the evolution of BMs ? To mention Kit Raes awesome site again, it is listed on his history page but not in the version this one was ? This was a "reverse logo" version 3 BUT, it had no tone stack bypass ?

It still had the AC switch but I didn't take pics of stuff back then and I can't remember what the markings were ? The tracing I did clearly shows the switch as a power switch and I think it had OFF ON printed on it, but I'm old and senile so don't take my word for it. I've written pots date to late '77 on the page and all are B curve pots.

Anyway, after remembering I had the info in my big black book of scribbles, I went back and made the circuit I'd traced all that time ago. It was VERY close to other vintage version 3's I'd traced but it did indeed has a slightly "clearer" tone and lots of mids. It's still got plenty of bottom end but maybe "just" a little less, which would explain the clarity. For a V3, I like it.  It's kind of a cross between a Ramhead and V3 not unlike J's pedal that became the Fuzz Munchkin but less clarity and more bottom end.


Well, that's it for Tym BMs at the moment. I have been working on a "Triangle" which should be out soon as well as a 15th anniversary BM for my 15 years in 2012. The fuzz just keeps coming.

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