Power pop and garage were two sixties genres that formed the basis for punk in the seventies and beyond. Power pop took the British invasion and added an urgency that predated punk but was very influential in forming a lot of the catchier side of the seventies.
Garage was just that. It sounded like it came from there. Dirty, nasty and fuzzy. Lots of my favourite bands fall into one, or both of these genres.
I'm stoked to announce that Tym records is releasing a limited edition split 7" which falls squarely into these genres and wears them proudly on their sleeves.
The Phantom Ships are a 4 piece garage band from Portland, OR, featuring Steve Turner from Mudhoney along with three of his friends playing punk infused garage rock like the seasoned professionals they are.
The Tripwires are a 4 piece power pop/rock band from Seattle and features Steve's Mudhoney bandmate Dan Peters on drums with three of his friends showing the world how great this genre still is when it's done right.

Tym records is very proud to announce the first vinyl offering from these two bands, together on one limited edition double A side 7" with two different covers (one for each band) to be released especially for RSD2016 and available only through Tym records worldwide.

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