Tym records releasing Mudhoney tour single

That's right folks, Tym records is proud to announce we will be doing the official Mudhoney European tour split single featuring Mudhoney and Sydney band Treatment who are supporting them on the tour.

Hailing from Sydney Australia.
Treatment Shun's the spotlight like the troglodytes they model their sound on. A cavernous, garage- damaged and dangerous-noise that is talked about in hushed tones on the fringes of the rocknroll scene.

Dont need any introduction.. 
They are a band who exist outside of everything, that’s why they can choose to let TREATMENT go wild on stages all over Europe with them, from Dusseldorf to Copenhagen -during their 2013 European tour.

Tym records along with MUDHONEY and TREATMENT Offer up a European tour vinyl Split. Both bands give you garage classics.

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