Tym records releasing a Record Store Day 7"

The Shrine are riff lords from California who aren't afraid to show their love of seventies rock and eighties punk while packing it tightly in a cone of pool shredding, acid dropping and Marshall stacks. Infectious fuzzy riffs laden with long unwashed hair and crappy vans with Thin Lizzy blasting from the stereo. Rock, metal and punk really hasn't been this much fun since, well, ever.

It's like watching Cheech and Chong while listening to Black Flag and wearing a Bones Brigade T shirt.

Tym records is proud to announce we will be releasing a Shrine 7" with two new blasting slabs of heavy distortion recorded exclusively for Tym records and released especially for Record Store Day 2013 on April 20th. Available in very limited edition on see through orange and green vinyl with pre sale of orange available from March 20th through Tym records with a limited number available in the US on import through our good friends at Outer Battery Records records. 

If the idea of 3 filthy rock dudes heading down the freeway with too much weed and a bunch of mixed tapes of everything heavy and cool ever recorded on their way to finding the perfect abandoned pool to skate in appeals to you, then grab this wax to give you the soundtrack.

We are having a HUGE instore on the day with six live bands and heaps of new vinyl especially for the day. Check out the details HERE.

Check out Tym records for more info on the release.

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