Tym pedal for Spencer

In this world we chose to inhabit with R'n'R as our saviour, there are people who have given up a lot to bring us this salvation. People who have given their lives in the pursuit of that magic that happens when R'n'R just works.
Spencer p Jones is one of those guys. He started on this quest in '76 and has played with the Johnnys, Beasts of Bourbon, Paul Kelly and many more and had a prolific solo career, and always playing his own brand of dirty, nasty, country tinged rock.
I don't know Spencer personally. I've met him a couple of times and he was always lovely and generous. My most intimate experience with him was when I used to put on an annual charity show called Ramone-a-thon where bands would come from all over the world to play ... well Ramones songs.
Spencer played one of these and was the perfect gentleman and his set was inspiring. I remember standing there in audience and he said something like " None of us would be here without the Ramones, that first album changed everybody" and you knew we were all in this together.
Well, Spencer needs us now. There's people organizing benefit shows for him but since the most I can do is make pedals, I'm making this for him.

There will be 10 of these available at $250 each soon (whenever I can find time to make them) with $200 from each pedal going to Spencer to help him in the good fight.
I'll give more details as they come to hand, i.e. I work them out.

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