Tym guitars 2015

Well, it's been a hell of a year. In the big scheme of things this year probably beat me, but I think I have the greatest job in the world so I really can't complain. I'm looking forward to 2016 and the things I have planned.

Here's 2015 in pics taken from my social media. Enjoy.


My label started with Adam Franklin and ended with Earthless and Annihilation Time, and released a heap of other bands I love and respect along the way.

TYM025 : Adam Franklin. Bolts of Melody 12".
TYM026 : Ed Kuepper. You Must endure What You Cannot Cure 7". 
TYM027 : The Meanies. Never 7". 
TYM028 : Freak Wave/Seaplane Record club 7". 
TYM029 : Brett Netson and Snakes. Scavenger Cult 12".
TYM030 : Hydromedusa ST 12".
TYM031 : Golden Bats 7".
TYM032 : Nate Hall. 33 rpm 7".
TYM033 : Steve Turner. And Four of his Bad Ideas 7". 
TYM034 : The Meanies. Cruelty's Fun 7". 
TYM035 : BUDD. Yakfat 12". 
TYM036 : The Hymies 7".
TYM037 : Grinding Eyes. 33 rpm 7".
TYM038 : Earthless. Live at Tym guitars 12".
TYM039 : Annihilation Time. Annihilation Time II 12". 
TYM040 : FOREVR. Shoegazer 7".


We put on a lot of FREE and ALL AGES instores from some absolutely amazing bands.


​Ghost Notes (Brisbane), Barge With an Antenna on It (Brisbane), Vulture Circus (Brisbane), Chores (Melbourne)​ ​The Jam (UK) White Walls (Melbourne), Horsehunter (Melbourne), Space Bong (Adelaide), ​​​Grieg​ ​​​​​(Brisbane)​, ​​Frown​ ​​(Brisbane)​, ​​Ultra Material​ ​​​​​(Brisbane)​, Barge WAAOI​ ​​​(Brisbane)​, Golden Bats​ ​(Brisbane)​, Ed Kuepper​ ​​(Brisbane)​, Red Fang​ ​(USA),​ FOREVR​ ​(Brisbane)​, Batpiss (Melbourne), The Hymies (Brisbane) BUDD (Brisbane), Hydromedusa (Adelaide) Cancer Bats (Canada)​ ​WALKEN​ (Brisbane)​, Kaleidosco​pe (Wollongong), Elder (USA), SHELLAC (USA)

I released a heap of new effects and made some special stuff for friends along the way. 



We also managed to raise some money.


We started stocking Etiko sweatshop free merch and sneakers which means a lot to me as I strive to make this place somewhere that cares about and tries to help people.


I got to catch up with LOTS of friends who come through on tour every so often.

We got A LOT of new vinyl in.

We got to sell a lot of cool guitars, amps and gear.

The studio got to record some great stuff including having the Hives for a few days, and some of which was released on Tym records.


Somewhere along the way I got to enjoy a lot of people, bands, music and had time to skate every so often and drink too much coffee.


Thanks to everyone who keeps this place going and understands what it's about. It means the world to me. There's too many people to name but thanks to my family for putting up with this and letting me do it.

I've got lots going on and have new stuff/ideas/gear coming that should please some people and hopefully we can keep giving back to this scene that has given me so much. 

Have a great Christmas and New Year.


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