Annihilation Time II and Earthless live at Tym guitars

Available in VERY limited numbers through Tee Pee records in the US and Roadburn/Burning World records in Europe.

Despite both of these releases being very limited Australian tour 12"s there will be VERY limited numbers available through our good friends overseas.
Tee Pee records will have limited quantities of both ATII and Earthless live at Tym guitars for the US market.
Roadburn/Burning World records will have limited numbers of the Earthless live at Tym guitars available for Europe.
Keep an eye on their sites for updates to release dates.


For those of you who don't know, Annihilation Time were formed in 2001 and melded seventies rock with eighties hardcore and made a power punk force to be reckoned with. Constant touring with bands like Municipal Waste and Caustic Christ gave them a hard edge and honed their craft into a pummelling rock force.
Their second album, Annihilation Time II was recorded at Motorwolf Studios in Holland while on tour in 2004 and brings together all their influences on one glorious piece of vinyl. Generally accepted as an American classic it was originally released on CD through Manic Ride Records, re-released on vinyl on Six Weeks Records in 2005 and then re-released again on the bands own Annihilate Records in 2006. The band broke up in 2009 but with demand (and prices) growing for another vinyl version, in 2011 Tank Crimes pressed it and sold it out again.

To coincide with a Lecherous Gaze Australian tour, and a one-off show in Melbourne of the mighty Annihilation Time, Tym records is proud to announce that this original version of Annihilation Time II will be available on very limited edition black vinyl with original artwork (with a slight Aussie twist) and insert, remastered from the audio masters and pressed and delivered to you in all it's skuzzy glory.

Available October 15th 2015 through Tym records and on merch stands during the tour.

In 2012 Earthless toured Australia for the second time and played an intimate and very loud instore at Tym guitars. Instores are always different to club shows and I made a real point of setting a mood and making sure the band felt at ease. It was being recorded and like the Heavy Blanket release on Tym records last year, the intention was always for it to see the light of day on pure vinyl.
Featuring 3 songs spanning nearly 45 minutes this performance is spectacular. The first song, Uluru Jam is the inception of this song that eventually made it's way onto their amazing release From The Ages. Named after a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of Australia, where the song was first jammed. The other two songs, Violence of the Red Sea and Sonic Prayer appear on Earthless albums but like all live Earthless recordings, these versions are unique in structure and tone.
Mastered for vinyl with cover artwork by Mike Eginton.

Available October 22nd 2015 through Tym records and on merch stands during the tour.

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