New Tym Double pedals

I wrote a story a couple of weeks ago about a new idea for a Tym pedal by putting two of my mini pedals into one enclosure to save on space, cost and power outlets.

There's a few different versions of these mixing different pedals together in some of my favourite combinations. While I have offered custom versions of some of these in the past, I've never made 'production" versions available online. These are all fixed as far as specs and order, with the first pedal in the chain being on the input side and the second on the output. 


The "Rams Head" style Mini Mud is my shop only version which is an old school sustainer with an added volume control. The original pedal only had one control at the end of the circuit so the gain was wide open and you adjusted the volume of that gain. This extra volume at the start means you can load up the circuit with it open at the output giving a different tone and gain structure.

The mini Tone Boost is my standard full frequency boost with a tone control but without the frequency stomp switch. I make this in a mini pedal as my Boost. It's good for livening up an amp and/or adding more gain to a circuit after it. The tone knob means you can pick where you want the boost when it pushes into the second stage.


The ODP666 is based on a classic 70's overdrive/preamp using a similar circuit to the old Dist + and this early "grey" version has a couple of components different from the later yellow version although the difference in tone is very minimal. It's a great med to high (old school) overdrive using the great LM741 op amp and silicon diodes. 

The Op amp Mini Mud is the slightly later version of the sustainer using the classic 4558 IC to drive the clipping diodes instead of transistors. My version uses this very sought after IC as used in many famous overdrive and distortion effects. Like the transistor version I have added a second volume control for more versatility.


The Tymexar is based on the classic silicon clipping Dist from the 70's/80's and also uses the classic LM741 op amp to drive these clipping diodes. It's a great little distortion circuit that plays well with others and sounds great on it's own. The ODP/Tymexar is the one that started all this and while being very similar circuits have subtle differences in gain and harmonics and sound great when stacked together.


While I've picked a bunch of my mini pedals that work well together these six versions will be the first available but as I experiment more combinations may evolve and even different orders of current versions may appear. Once again, Tony has done a spectacular job on the artwork after I gave him a list of pedals I wanted put together. 

Like all my pedals they're hand made here by me in my custom stainless steel enclosures and use true bypass and standard BOSS compatible 9V adaptors with NO facility for batteries and using all quality components like Switchcraft jacks and all the pedals in this series can be run individually or cascaded in the set order.

These will be available SOON with all versions being $300 and because you're thinking it, I think the two Mini Muds in one pedal is my favourite, although the Tone Boost/ODP works really well, as does the Tymexar/ODP ........ or the ............

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