More delays on Tym records vinyl

OK folks.

So ..... We have BUDD playing in the shop on Saturday to launch the vinyl version of their classic 90's EP Yakfat and it's gonna RULE. That's the good news.
The bad news is the vinyl won't be here so ...

We will be selling the vinyl as was originally intended except it will be PRE-SALE. There will be copies available on the day (Saturday) in the shop AND copies available on the site the day after (Sunday) for those of you not coming to see them play. The only difference is instead of taking your copy with you, or it being posted out next week, it will be a presale and they will ship when they turn up. At this stage I CAN NOT GIVE YOU AN EXACT DATE but it will be within a month or so.

So ........ to "compensate" for living in a world where yet another re-issues of Led Zeppelin and Madonna take precedence over small indie labels I have done this.


This is a VERY (VERY) limited edition re-issue of the very first BUDD release, on orange cassette (my original copy, shown in the picture was only on cassette), remastered and with all original artwork. These will be available to buy at the instore and a VERY limited number will be bundled with the Yakfat vinyl as a special deal the following day online. This cassette is IMPOSSIBLE to buy an original copy of so these are the only way you can get these early BUDD songs.

Thanks to everyone for understanding and it's going to be an amazing day with old friends and GREAT music.

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