Tym guitars is now stocking Etiko fairtrade sneakers

Rock 'n' Roll was never about slavery.

Tym guitars and Etiko Fairtrade have teamed up to show you that you can still look R'n'R without exploiting other people in the process.
Etiko is an Australian company set up to bring you ethical, fair trade and sustainable quality footwear and clothing that haven't been made by children or by workers who have been exploited and, wherever possible, are made with eco friendly materials.
We will be stocking the Etiko range of shoes in low and high tops from this week. These are great quality sneakers made using certified fairtrade cotton, natural rubber (not petroleum products) from managed forests and are totally vegan. They won the fairtrade award in 2013 and received an A+ in the 2015 ethical fashion report.
I wore "Chucks" for about 30 years until I saw a documentary on the company that manufactured them and couldn't bring myself to ever financially support them again. While searching the net for an alternative I stumbled upon Etiko, an Australian company making pretty much the same shoe, but ethically and sustainably. I've been wearing them for the last 3 years and hopefully for many more to come.
We will be rolling out our T shirt merch onto Etiko T shirts as well as we have new designs and sell through our current stock. They will be very slightly dearer, but you'll feel better wearing them.
Huge thanks to Etiko for letting us be part of this. Tym guitars has always strived for a more sustainable and fair environment for us all to live in.

They'll be on the site and in the shop this week. Hit us up if you're interested.


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