Earthless. Live at Tym guitars on Tym records

The music world is constantly full of great bands. Truly great bands. Anyone who says otherwise isn't trying hard enough. In amongst those great bands there are bands that still stand out as being .... something more.
Earthless are one of those bands. I consider them to be the greatest power psych trio on the planet, and confirmation that no matter how much music you listen to, there's always something special around the corner.

Earthless are a three piece from San Diego (and San Francisco) who play seemingly effortless instrumental rock inspired by sixties and seventies psych. As an entity they are more akin to a great jazz trio forming landscapes with beginnings and ends that can take on different directions throughout the trip. The tracks are there, but they choose which one they're travelling on to get to their final destination.
This makes them especially great live when the three of them get into a room and form a powerhouse of amazing technical and creative ability and channel it into this musical incarnation. Individually, they are amazingly talented and incredibly well informed musically but they are one of those bands that are more than the sum of their parts together, when something ...... special happens when they start playing music together.

In 2012 Earthless toured Australia for the second time and played an intimate and very loud instore at Tym guitars. Instores are always different to club shows and I made a real point of setting a mood and making sure the band felt at ease. It was being recorded and like the Heavy Blanket release on Tym records last year, the intention was always for it to see the light of day on pure vinyl.
Featuring 3 songs spanning nearly 45 minutes this performance is spectacular. The first song, Uluru Jam is the inception of this song that eventually made it's way onto their amazing release From The Ages. Named after a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of Australia, where the song was first jammed. The other two songs, Violence of the Red Sea and Sonic Prayer appear on Earthless albums but like all live Earthless recordings, these versions are unique in structure and tone.

Tym records is proud to announce the release of Earthless, live at Tym guitars on limited edition vinyl for release in October 2015. Mastered for vinyl with cover artwork by Mike Eginton.

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