That's 2022 done and dusted. I'd like to say a genuine thanks to everyone who follows my place and supports it, even in the smallest ways. As challenging as things have been I'm well aware how immensely lucky I am to do what I do for the people I do it for.

It's been a big year of repairs and setups here at my cramped little workshop and I've enjoyed it immensely. Bringing peoples guitars, pedals, amps and bits that go along with them back to life is (mostly) a very satisfying thing to do with your time. Mine anyway.


I serviced and listed over 250 guitars on the site this year with more coming. I had/have to make room around here so things that I told myself I wasn't going to sell went on the site and off to new homes to make magic. I still have a lot of guitars here to be fixed, serviced and setup ready to go on the site and off to new homes. keep an eye on the secondhand guitars section for what's available.


I managed to write about 30 blogs this year on what I do around here and info on vintage stuff for your perusal. It's all free and available to anyone who likes to waste a little time or possibly learn something about something. Please enjoy it if you're interested. 


I made some special custom effects this year as a distraction along with my 25 special anniversary Silver Big Mudds.


I found time to make 4 TMI Custom guitars completely by hand this year. I'd kind of forgotten how fun and time-consuming making guitars was but these raised a lot of money for charity and went to good homes.


Now I'm (kind of) set up for making guitars again I will be making more TMI guitars for friends and the site as I get time. I already have a few in various states of finish with SO many designs and ideas in my puny brain to bring to life. If you like the 4 above that I made this year, keep an eye on my NEWS feed for what's coming.

There will be more Tym effects coming next year (2023) I promise. This year proved to be a little overwhelming when it came to making Tym effects. The combination of repair/service work, supply line issues and making 25 anniversary pedals took a lot of time away from runs of regular pedals. I have most of the parts including enclosures, face plates and electronics in stock ready to make runs from late January.

More Tym cables coming when I get time. These are all hand made here at my workshop by me using the best quality components available and all have a limited lifetime warranty. Keep an eye on the site for availability. 

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, I will be cutting back slightly on guitar, amp and pedal repairs/setups/services/etc to concentrate a little more on building new stuff. I have a few big restoration jobs here and I will still be taking on new work but tend to be booking at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Contact me if you have a loved one that needs attention and I'm sure we can work something out.

While I am closed until 10th of January, I will be attempting to answer any correspondence although it may take a little longer and orders will be processed when I find time. Let me know if something is urgent and I will do my best to get it out. 

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 2022 and got to do some things that were good for your brain. 
2023 looks to be challenging in its own way with pandemic hangovers and the expected recuring deficiencies of capitalism making it harder once again.
I will be plugging away here at my workshop trying to bring a little joy to the world so if you need me, contact me

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