1977 Greco Electric Bass

Another Fujigen made Greco following on from the previous post about a hollow body made ten years previous.

This '77 Greco Electric Bass is absolutely amazing with barely a mark on it. There's a couple of small marks on the back and some player wear on the scratchplate but it's in amazing condition for it's age. 


These late seventies and early eighties Fujigen made Fender copies are the series that led into Fender commissioning this factory to make the official Fender guitars starting in '82 and ending in '96. 


This has a solid three piece ash body with all the right contours. It's substantial but not too heavy and looks .... GREAT.


The neck is a beautiful two piece maple with a glued on, but barely noticeable maple fretboard. It's a medium P bass neck and is very comfortable to play. There is barely any player wear anywhere and the lacquer looks like it was put on yesterday. It has the big elephant ear vintage Fender style tuners.

The hardware is all original and in GREAT condition also, and, it still has it's original bridge and pickup covers, usually long gone. 


This bass plays and sounds great and for a 40 year old instrument is in AMAZING condition, and from one of the great guitar factories in their prime. Much like the Aria, Tokai and many Grecos and other vintage Japanese brands we've had through, I love finding these high quality vintage guitars and basses and getting them out into players hands.



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