1968-69 Guyatone EB-6

You all know how much I love Guyatone. I've written a few blogs on them and I won't re-do the history again as I covered it pretty well in this blog but I've owned "a few" over the years, but, not many basses.

The EB-6 first appeared in Guyatone catalogues in 1968 and is of course a copy of a Les Paul bass. These were made by Guyatone until '69 but when the factory was closed there were no Guyatones until a couple of years later when Mr Matsuki would start the name again and start making some of the favourites from the last period in '68/69 including these. 

The seventies were spent making great quality guitars in several factories as Guyatone no longer had their own dedicated factory, and marketing amps, effects and accessories. Guyatone would claw their way back by the late seventies and are still in business today, with Mr Matsuki's son taking over in '93 when his father died.

Even though it's hard to tell this EB-6 would be a Guyatone made one before the factory shut in August '69 as it has some tell tale signs of original factory production.


This one has the plastic 3 screw trussrod cover as by the seventies Guyatones tended to have sheet metal trussrod covers as used by the new factories now making their guitars. Other late 60's Guyatones I've owned and seen have this same 3 screw trussrod  cover.


This also has the "pointed end" neck plate with a simple "JAPAN"  stamped into it as used on many Japanese guitars from the late 60's (and early 70's) .and it's construction is that of other Guyatone guitars of the time, much like Grecos and other pressed laminated top LP copies. 

This is a laminated body with a bolt on 30" scale neck with binding everywhere. 


The original tuners are the same as the ones used by Yamaha at the time and are smooth and accurate. 


This one doesn't have the original pickups which may, or may not be a shame, depending on how you look at it. The ones in here, which are unbranded humbuckers sound AWESOME. Big and full with a fair bit of bite for a bass. They look tough too. While it would have been nice to hear the originals I'm sure these later replacements are up to the task.

All the electrics and other (gold) hardware are original except the 3 way toggle has been replaced (probably when the pickups were) and everything functions perfectly.

This one has the original yellow fuzzy lined hardcase with the string mute (missing foam) and allen key and hang tag. 

It's got a few nicks and scrapes but is pretty cool and like I said, I don't see many basses from this manufacturer from this period, so it's nice to give it a once over and play it. 




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