1965 Guyatone LG-130T

Since I'm on a bit of a Guyatone kick and I mentioned the 130 in a recent blog I thought I'd do a story on this one.

The Guyatone LG-130T was a progression from the LG-70T and LG-100T, both of which were released in 1960. At the time Guyatone was making a line called the EG series, which were continued from the 50's and were all set neck, Les Paul (ish) shapes and in 1960 introduced the new "offset" models in the LG-70 and LG-130 which were heavily inspired by the new Fender Jazzmaster. The LG-85T, also introduced at the same time was a more traditional 2 pickup Fenderish double cutaway that would run concurrently with the LG-55/65 and become the LG-140T when the 70/100 changed to the 130.

Introduced around 1964 the LG-130T had the same offset body shape as it's predecessor but sported all new hardware including the new plastic cover square and round pole pickups and Guyatones new vibrato. Both were clear improvements on previous models and also gone were the clunky 2 piece chrome metal scratchplates in favour of one big chrome metal plate.


While the LG-70 and 100 were available with 2 big metal cover pickups, the new model had 3 or 4 pickups as in the LG-145T. Along with these increased number of pickups came switches, now positioned above the strings with just a lone volume knob and output jack at the bottom.

These pickups are great and while I do love the early metal covered versions as well, these layered blade square pole piece pickups are really nice with great output and plenty of frequency response with sparkling highs and good lows. Guyatone tended to use the round pole pickups in the bridge position of several models maybe to get a more Fender tone from this position?

The bodies are solid timber and the bolt on necks are chunky but comfortable. The rosewood fretboards are always nicely finished with small frets and the typical mid 60's Guyatone fret position markers with no zero fret. 


This style vibrato works well although the arm has been changed on this one. It's a simple roll over type similar to the one used by Shinko Gakki. 

The LG-130T listed at 17,000 JY in '65 making it a mid range guitar in the Guyatone catalogue and it sold well both in Japan and overseas under several different brands including Kent in the US.

The simple limitations of guitars like this were quickly improved and replaced within a couple of years as Japan strived to make better guitars for the domestic and worldwide market and price points reflected that with newer models by the end of this decade starting to reach 60,000 JY and over.

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