Tym vinyl record fuzzes

Here's another silly idea I came up with to make something special for Record store day this year. I remembered in high school making perspex peanut bowls by putting the plastic in the oven and forming it over moulds. I figured the same thing would work with vinyl, right ?

My views on RSD are well known and I wrote a piece about it recently so I won't go into details here about how much I like to make it "special" and this year is the first year I've made special effects just for the day. I have 3 hand painted little boosts that will also be available but these fuzzes were just because I thought of this silly idea for making them different.


The black one is my Civil War Big Mud but with a stomp switch for the mids, like on the Seaweed, which I haven't offered on a CW before. This takes the typically scooped BM tone to a flat response while keeping the tone control intact and working. It has been a popular and much remarked about option on the Seaweed and I have started playing around with the idea on other Big Muds now.


The rest of the pedal is a standard Civil War Big Mud which is one of my all time favourite BM circuits for it's bass response and clarity with high gain. The limited edition Tym records 7" is formed over the flat top Tym custom stainless steel enclosure as used on the Seaweed, Fuzz Munchkin etc. 

The red fuzz is one of my Tym Benders which is my version of the Colorsound/Solasound Supa Tone Bender. This one also has the mids switch, which I hadn't tried on this circuit before either. 


The Supa Tone Bender is a relative of the classic BM circuit with some key changes, especially to the clipping stages and this gives them a BIG bottom end with a clarity rarely found in BM's and great clean but distorted pick attack. The scooped mids are still there so the mids stomp really pushes the fuzz into the mix. 

I decided to use different knobs for these as these "flying saucer" ones just looked better with the vinyl covers. 

So far these are the ONLY two made and may stay that way ? I made them purely for RSD so I don't think they'll become a "thing" as I have to sacrifice limited edition 7"s to make them. 

These will be available in the shop this Saturday along with a bunch of other cool stuff and 6 live bands. Come and join us if you love talking nerd and listening to music.

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