The mini TYMEXAR

I was getting asked a lot if the TYMEXAR was coming in my smaller enclosure as I had offered a few other versions of my pedals in them. With pedalboard real estate being at a premium these days if you can squeeze a pedal into a smaller box, it's probably worth it for some people.

Anyone who follows me knows how much I love this little circuit and I won't go into it's history and intricacies again so as not to bore you. I have made several versions in the past from the big version of this pedal, which I made a special version of which led to me making the Bob Mould signature Beauty & Ruin version.


The original Tym "big box" version has the same circuit as the new mini version except it has the optional mini toggle switch for choosing between germanium clipping, which the original "script logo" versions had and silicon clipping, which was used in the later "block logo" versions.
The new mini version doesn't have this option but is available in both versions. The pedal is differentiated by the serial number ending in G or S. 


The difference in clipping is very noticeable on this simple transparent distortion circuit. The older germanium clipping has slightly less output, and is fizzier around the edges. More fuzz while keeping the classic Dist tone. The silicon clipping is louder and clearer and has more ....... bite. I personally prefer the silicon setting for that nice sharp, tight distortion. 
Both versions roll off bass as you turn the gain up to keep that tightness and the silicon setting has a "slightly" broader frequency response. 


The mini version is made with exactly the same components, using the classic 741 IC and built on the same PCB's as all my other versions. It's housed in my custom hand made stainless steel enclosures with BOSS compatible 9V adaptor, true bypass and LED, which none of the original vintage versions of this pedal had. 


While this circuit is very similar to the classic DOD250 but they are different enough to run both as a different drive. They're both great little overdrive/distortions with clear and sharp clipping and nice harmonics. 
The mini versions are available along with the big version if you want the option of both clipping types and the Bob Mould Beauty & Ruin which is based on the silicon version and built to Bob's specs.

Available HERE


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