Tym P-90 Boost

This is a little pedal I made one Friday afternoon for a friend for his birthday. I realized after making it that I had originally intended to make a treble boost for him and made this a linear boost, so I guess I'll have to make another one.

I started by looking around the workshop trying to find a "unique" enclosure to use as something special for the present. After picking up things and looking at others the wrong way, I thought "Maybe I could use a Jazzmaster pickup cover and screw a bottom to it?" The JM cover on it's own wasn't tall enough to accommodate the jacks etc so I picked up an old P-90 cover I had lying around.


On it's own it wasn't going to work either but then I thought I could just put 2 together ? 

I screwed the two covers together and started drilling holes where things needed to be. It all fell into place pretty quickly. 


I made one of my simple point to point single transistor boosts that is the basis for nearly all my boost circuits in both PtP and PCB form. It's a handful of components and sounds great and even in this form is easy to make. Once it get's above unity it starts to add a little "grit" to the sound and fills out the bottom end nicely. As you wind it up it starts to go into smooth clipping and ends up driving your amp into natural distortion. 

With the switch offset to the corner like this the P-90 cover is surprisingly strong and takes being stood on really well. The input and output jacks needed to be offset so they don't foul with each other and like all my pedals, this one doesn't run a battery but has the standard "Boss" style 9V adaptor plug, and it's true bypass. The next one I make I think I'll put a bright LED inside the covers to "glow" up through the pole piece holes ? That might look pretty cool.

So, another silly idea bought to life. Plenty more to come. 

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